Past Present Future Change

The power of storytelling for social change within a post conflict society

Past Present Future Change

Everyone has a story to tell – but few people get the chance to tell it.

There’s enormous potential for change, healing and transformation that comes from telling our story and having our story heard.

Young people living in post conflict societies are often scarred with violence, loss, abuse and trauma, with many having to cope with past traumatic events with little or no support. They’re also the unheard voices, framed by the media as apathetic, disengaged and removed from civic action.

Past Present Future Change is a downloadable toolkit that enables facilitators to help young people to tell their story, and transform their experience towards greater social change.

Here, we share their stores.

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To learn how to facilitate a young person telling their story, or to read more about the project, download the free (PDF) toolkit here.


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