'Grooming - You're Not Alone.' (Loughshore Stories)

Voicing the Void collaborates with Loughshore Educational Centre to spotlight a courageous 13-year-old's journey through sexual assault. Her message? Speak up, trust in your truth, and remember you're never at fault. Join us in amplifying her voice and supporting survivors everywhere.

'Grooming - You're Not Alone.' (Loughshore Stories)

Breaking the silence 'Grooming - know that you are not alone.' 

Presented by Voicing the Void in partnership with young people from Loughshore Educational Centre. 

Join us in supporting a brave young girl who is sharing her story to raise awareness about sexual assault. At just 13 years old, she was groomed by someone she thought she could trust. Now, she wants to let other young people know they are not alone and that speaking up is crucial. Remember, it's never your fault. Together, let's break the silence and support survivors. 

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