James' Story

"Because no one believed me when I told them what was going on. Not a very nice feeling."

James' Story

Two young men share the story of James - a young man who at first wasn't believed when he tried to reach out and ask for help. James is now at a much happier place and is doing outreach work within MyStoryYourStory sharing his story so other young people don't feel alone. 

So when did the problem start then?

When I started, secondary school. I moved from a new area so went into a big school knowing nobody - so it was big scary move for me.

When I started it was like I moved country in the middle of a purge. Everyone was out to get me. I was alone. As I knew nobody - I was treated like an outsider and I hated school for it.

I remember the time in second year, my form teacher rang my mummy and got me tested for paranoia because no one believed me, but I told them what was going on at the time. Such as verbal abuse and physical abuse, which led to my form teacher believing I had paranoia, which, which was not fun. Being that age didn’t feel that good.

It was not in third year - it stopped up because I just stopped caring about things, which is kind of my personality today because of growing up I blocked the negativity and stay positive.

My favourite motivational quote is by 50 Cent, which is;

"The sun wouldn’t feel so good if it wasn’t for the rain.  A jog wouldn’t feel so good if it wasn’t for pain".  

Always remember that there is positives in negative situations.

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