Michelle's Story

My Trinity Toolkit - Music, Words, and Mother Nature.

Michelle's Story

 Hi, I'm Michelle, and this is my story,

My Trinity Toolkit

Music, Words, and Mother Nature.

Having grown up in the care system, I understood rejection, abandonment at a very young age. Rape.  I didn't have what people with class as a normal upbringing as social services intervention.

However, what I learned very quickly was that music and words and the environment would play pivotal roles in my survival up up until today and it will do for the rest of my life.

Music for me is something. I, I can enjoy my own company with the music. Doesn't have to be brilliant. However, it gets me through some difficult times. Whenever I'm with mother nature. She has been the all giving. I didn't have that communication skill set in the family unit.

So when I'm at one with nature, my hands in the dirt and the times I was angry at society, at the system, it calmed me down my hands and feet in the river.

Feeling that current just flow calmed the. My tears, they were the things that got away when I knew I had to go back to where I wasn't complete, where I wasn't happy. Identity

Nature to me is my mother. A hug from ISO has saved my life countless times. Certain places that I will go. Have saved me through the darkest of times.

Why does this all matter in my story?  Is the identifying kinds of system failure, the lack of resources, or no resources even existed?

How to make societal change from that by speaking up and speaking out. Can it make a. Of course I can. How do I go about doing that? By sharing how I feel. We are not defined by what we've come through. It's how we walk on.

I don't allow two words in my vocabulary victim, or survivor. The reason for that is because of my Trinity toolkit and the importance and significance of that.

It's my backbone on mental health alone.  Everything that ranges from abuse, bullying, addiction. We are deliberately 25 years underfunded under the Branford report.

It's time our policy makers and legislators set up. No, it's not acceptable anymore.  We have all a part to play and making a difference.  One tablet doesn't cure all, one size doesn't fit all. No more narratives in division.

We've gotta multiply our efforts and say to it that the head is holistically seen as part of the body, whether you have an illness diagnosed.

I highly recommend understanding the importance of Mother Nature and being with her in times that you're afraid, alone, scared.

Sit in the stillness of Mother Nature. Listen, be in control of your own mind. Be the voice for others. Stand up and be counted. There's no reason why you can’t. Oh, that's a cliche. If I can do it, so can you.

Let's do it together.


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