Pam's Story - 'THE COVID-19 STORIES 1/19'

TheCovid-19 Stories. STORY 1

Pam's Story - 'THE COVID-19 STORIES 1/19'

TheCOVID-19 Stories – STORY 1/19 

19 Stories (from around the World) of positivity, humour and human interest to support and inspire social distancing, self-isolation and quarantining. 

Pam is a volunteer based in Belfast – she has a strong message to those in power regarding the importance of mental health care after this pandemic, she states:

“My message to those in power, would be to strengthen the public health care system that you already have in place and to, to really recognize that. Good mental health is part of the holistic and integral part of health care.  The long-term effects of social isolation while living with the anxiety and fear of Covid-19 will be very deep, very profound”. 

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