Peer Pressure (Loughshore Stories)

Through powerful narratives, a group of young people from Loughshore Educational Centre highlight the significance of resilience and the strength to resist. Their message? Mistakes don't define you, and change is always within reach. Stand with us in championing their journey towards a hopeful future

Peer Pressure (Loughshore Stories)

Rising Above Together: 

Delve into the poignant tales of young individuals from Loughshore Educational Centre as they navigate the complexities of peer pressure.

 Through their shared experiences, they underscore the essence of resilience and the power of community. 

Their collective message?

Past struggles don't dictate the future, and change is always within our grasp. 

Stand with us in celebrating their journey and advocating for a hopeful tomorrow. 

#StayStrong #DontBeADickhead #EmbraceChange #VoicingTheVoid"

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